Theatre for Everyone

At Aurora, we believe that theatre belongs to everyone. We ask that our staff, our artists, and our audience work together to make all people feel welcome here.


Here's how you can help us make everyone feel welcome:


Be respectful of everyone.

Be you. One of the joys of live theatre is that your reactions are part of the performance. If something is funny, it’s okay to laugh; if something is shocking, it’s okay to gasp. Remember that our individual reactions are based on our own experiences and cultural backgrounds -- not everyone will respond to the same moment in the same way, and that is something to celebrate.

Don’t make assumptions. It’s easy to make incorrect assumptions about people based on age, race, gender, religion, disability, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical appearance, or any other status or characteristic.

Consider the impact. Making comments or asking questions about the factors listed above -- even with good intentions -- can have a harmful impact. This is especially true about factors that have been connected with marginalization.

Be considerate. Do not give any kind of uninvited or unwanted physical contact or attention, including sexual comments, jokes, and innuendos.

Be an ally. If you witness behavior that appears to be making someone feel unwelcome, say something to an Aurora house manager or box office staff member. We are here to support a positive theatregoing experience for everyone.

Let us know. Please tell an Aurora house manager or box office staff member if you feel marginalized in any way. We take all such issues seriously and will do our best to address such concerns in a timely, respectful, and conscientious manner.


We have all kinds of people on our stage, behind the scenes, on our staff, and in our audience, and Aurora belongs to all of us.

Thank you for being part of the Aurora family!


Feel free to check out our EDI Statement FAQ if you have any additional questions here.