Dorothy Bryant's "Dear Master" @ The Aurora Theatre: Review

By Dorothy Bryant, Dog Mom's Dish, September 11th 2016

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Part history lesson, part memoir, “Dear Master” celebrates the joy of unlikely friendships that transcend time and distance. Culled from the translations of letters with a healthy dose of artistic license, playwright Dorothy Bryant portrays BFF pen pals Gustave Flaubert and George Sand (the pseudonym for novelist Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin). The confidences the two share are the kinds that can only be shared between friends who connect infrequently, but deeply.  Their steadfast devotion to supporting the other's personal and professional development is a beautiful, albeit seldom portrayed story of friendships between men and women.

Michael Ray Wisely (Flaubert) and Kimberly King (Sand) give polished and heartfelt performances from their respective sides of the stage. French novel fans will be delighted by this peek behind the curtain and seeing how both changing societal mores and history itself shaped the authors' viewpoints.

See it with a dear friend and raise a glass to what endures.

photo credit: David Allen

George Sand (r. Kimberly King*) and Gustave Flaubert (l. Michael Ray Wisely*) have a passionate exchange of opinions in Dear Master

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