A Number

STARTS MAR 9, 2018

By Caryl Churchill  |   Directed By Barbara Damashek

Bernard has just discovered that he’s not the only Bernard: he’s been cloned. By a marvel of genetic science, Bernard’s father was able to make faithful copies of his beloved son. Soon Bernard, his father, and the duplicate Bernards are swept up in a compelling and emotional quest to find the truth of the matter, and the truth of what matters. Caryl Churchill artfully reveals a multifaceted psychological puzzle, taking on human cloning to explore identity, family relationships, and second chances.

"What a tremendous play this is, moving, thought-provoking and dramatically thrilling." ~Daily Telegraph


Note:  Last summer we had an involved conversation with the director of A Number to discuss seating layout. Between then and now, the director (Barbara Damashek, who also directed Splendour and The Lyons, among others) and the set designer come to the conclusion that for the play to best work, the seating arrangement needs to shift. Rather than have six rows all on one side of the room, we will have two sections of three rows each.  Here is a link that shows the new configuration of the theatre. 

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"An extremely intelligent, thoughtful and stimulating drama." -Berkeleyside 




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