Global Age Project Winners 2006 - 2015

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Red Flamboyant by Don Nguyen
FTW by Jonathan Spector
Ironbound by Martyna Majok

#therevolution by Kristoffer Diaz
Technicolor Life by Jami Brandli
Sagittarius Ponderosa by MJ Kaufman
Welcome Home by Stephen Brown

In From the Cold by Jonathan Spector
The Drinking Problem by Sarah Gubbins
Luce by J.C. Lee
The Bandaged Place by Harrison David Rivers

The Hummingbirds by Garret Jon Groenveld
Rasheeda Speaking by Joel Drake Johnson
Ashes, Ashes by Kevin Christopher Snipes
in a word by Lauren Yee

Our Practical Heaven by Anthony Clarvoe
Bird in the Hand by Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas
Fire Work by Lauren Gunderson
Silent Disco by Lachlan Philpott

Miss Lilly Gets Boned by Bekah Brunstetter
The Serving Class by Garret Jon Groenveld
A Guide for the Perplexed by Joel Drake Johnson
Collapse by Allison Moore

The First Grade by Joel Drake Johnson
Birnham Woods by Wendy MacLeod
Right? by Dan Hoyle
and when we awoke there was light and light by Laura Jacqmin

Our Dad is in Atlantis by Javier Malpica
Kings Play Chess on Fine Green Satin by Michelle Carter
Sick by Zayd Dohrn
Events With Life’s Leftovers by Alberto Villarreal Diaz

American Whupass by Justin Warner
Over the Mountain by Brian Thorstenson
Happyslap by Laura Jacqmin
Learn to be Latina by Enrique E. Urueta
The Apology by Craig Lucas

SINKER by Ron Campbell
The Nigeria Show by Dan Hoyle
Los Once by Finnian Sullivan
Monkey Sun by Dominic Orlando
Drip by Robert Duxbury
Untitled by Amy Freed
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