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Education and Lifelong Learning Opportunities at Aurora Theatre Company

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Talk Backs

Stay after the performance for a spirited exchange focused on the play’s ideas and process of creation. What was the playwright saying? Is that different from the story the director told? Did the actors throw in their own two cents? What are you feeling and thinking about the play now that it’s over? One of Aurora’s artistic team facilitates this 20-minute discussion. Free


2016/2017 Talk-Back Dates

Tuesdays: Sept 13, Nov 15, Feb 7, Apr 25, Jul 4, Mar 21

Wednesdays: Sept 21, Nov 23, Feb 15, May 3, Jul 12, Mar 29

Thursdays: Sept 29, Dec 1, Feb 23, May 11, Jul 20, Apr 6

Fridays: Sept 9, Nov 11, Feb 3, Apr 21, Jun 30, Mar 17


Symposium – Design a learning event for your group!

Create a panel presentation or other interactive learning experience for 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon before heading out to supper and then coming back for an evening performance. Often tying together the historical lesson or background related to the show, this is an opportunity to go much further into the connections and study of the play at hand. Contact Aurora at 510.843.4822 or groups [at] to begin the discussion about how to create this full-scale educational event with groups of 50 or more.


Pre-Show Welcome Workshop: Prepare your group and heighten their involvement

Groups may request a 20-minute educational workshop to prepare their participants for the production they will be seeing and warm them to the ideas and language of the play. This can be tailored to the needs of the group and is generally half an hour before the show starts. Contact Aurora at 510.843.4822 or groups [at] well in advance for workshops, and usually for groups of 20 or more.

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