Luna Gale


STARTS SEP 1, 2017

By Rebecca Gilman  |   Directed By Tom Ross

Who decides what’s best for a child? Caroline, a veteran social worker, knows immediately that baby Luna is not safe in her home. Luna’s grandmother is happy to take the infant, but after the transition Caroline fears she’s put Luna at further risk. Amidst a familial tangle of past secrets, hidden motives, and all-too-human mistakes, there are no good choices—only good intentions. Playwright Rebecca Gilman is known for masterfully tackling social issues with arresting, conversation-starting dramas (Spinning Into Butter, The Glory of Living). Luna Gale, her latest play, is both heartrending and hopeful as it wrestles with grave moral dilemmas and resists easy answers.

"One of [2014's] most valuable additions to American drama" ~LA Times

Luna Gale




Hilary Perkins
Kathlenn Garrison & David Wood

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