Originate + Generate

Aurora's New Works Initiative


As promised last year, after a successful ten year run, we thought it was a good time to revamp the Global Age Project New Play Festival. Originate + Generate shifts our focus from discovery to full-on development, including commissions, workshops, readings, and full productions of new plays like Little Erik. Every year, theatre artists will be selected and given the opportunity of creating new work via a process of their own devising. They will be given the financial help, resources and space to create work specifically for Aurora’s stages. In line with Aurora’s mission, special emphasis will be given to local theatre artists.

O+G Commissioned Artists:

Christopher Chen
Jonathan Spector
Beth Wilmurt

We will be inviting you to various workshops and presentations as the work is being created as well as a series of pop-up readings by other theatre makers.

The O+G Council:

Desdemona Chiang
Josh Costello
Sonia Fernandez
Jessica Heidt
Tom Ross


The Fleishhacker Foundation
Sam Mazza Foundation
The Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust
The Tournesol Project


Hillary and Jonathan Reinis
Jill Hunter Matichak