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Runs through march 10

By Mary Kathryn Nagle
Directed by Shannon R. Davis

Intimate. Informed. Indefatigable.

A young Lenape woman, Jane Snake, returns to her ancestral homeland, Manahatta, to work as a securities  trader on Wall Street – the once walled street built by enslaved Africans to keep the Indigenous Lenape out. Set against the backdrop of the Occupy Wall Street movement and across time, Manahatta draws parallels between the forced removal, taxation, and fiscal impact on Native Americans during the 2008 financial crisis and the 1626 Dutch purchase of the island of Manahatta/Manhattan. Playwright Mary Kathryn Nagle (a citizen of the Cherokee Nation) teases the duality in Jane as she seeks to uncover her complicity in infrastructure designed to destroy her people; Jane’s career is thriving on “the island of many hills” (Manahatta in Lenape), while back home in Oklahoma, her mother and sister are grieving the loss of family, and struggling to maintain their culture, language, and their finances to stay in their over-mortgaged home.


“Fascinating and provocative.”
-New Haven Review


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MANAHATTA is back tonight - don't miss out on this "intimately engrossing and enlightening" production!

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This Friday, join Aurora for Indigenous Community Night! We will once again welcome as our honored guest Kathleen Grace, Ohlone healer and speak who provided blessing at our Opening Night performance, as we acknowledge and celebrate the resilience of our local Native communities.

All are welcome to the pre-show reception, but tickets are required to attend the performance.
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"Through creative writing and staging, Nagle draws a stark, straight line between these seemingly unlikely centuries-apart strategies of economic avarice."

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The play links greedy 17th-century Dutch East India Company bigwigs who “purchased” Manhattan to 21st-century investment bankers.