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In its world premiere, Father/Daughter, by playwright Kait Kerrigan, is a beautifully written contemporary romance. Two actors play both pairs of lovers in this structurally inventive play that asks how our relationships with our parents and children impact our romantic lives. In parallel stories told 23 years apart, Baldwin is Miranda’s 30-year-old divorced father who is trying to forge a new relationship with a beguiling woman, and Miranda is Baldwin’s 30-year-old daughter, who has found herself in her first serious relationship. What can we learn from the relationships we choose in order to repair the relationships we inherit? Kerrigan is an award winning playwright, librettist, and lyricist (We Have to Hold HandsMad Ones). Presented live in our space if health conditions allow, otherwise streamed to your home on video.

“Kait Kerrigan’s writing is insightful, audacious, and liable to make you either laugh or cry when you least expect it.”
— Josh Costello, Artistic Director

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AURORA CONNECTS Season 4 Episode 3 | Staging Intimacy

This week on Aurora Connects, Josh and Dawn are joined by FATHER/DAUGHTER Intimacy & Movement Director Natalie Greene. We'll learn from Natalie about what intimacy directors do, a little history about intimacy direction and why it's important, and how she found herself in the field. We'll then discuss Natalie's intimacy work for Aurora's production of THE CHILDREN before diving deeper into FATHER/DAUGHTER, the show's intimacy needs, and what we can expect. Natalie will also share with us a story or two about her intimacy and movement work at other theatres.

Join us Friday at 5 p.m. for Aurora Connects!

Watch: https://bit.ly/AuroraConnectsS4E3

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We are just T-minus FOUR weeks away from the first preview of Kait Kerrigan's FATHER/DAUGHTER, directed by M. Graham Smith, featuring Sam Jackson and William Thomas Hodgson. This World Premiere show also marks Aurora's return to live, in-person theatre, and we're just over the moon excited to be making live art in our space again.

Get your tickets. FATHER/DAUGHTER begins performances Friday, Nov. 12th!

Tickets: tickets.auroratheatre.org

Aurora's COVID-19 Safety Policy: auroratheatre.org/covid19safety

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Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day!

On this day, we honor and celebrate Native and Indigenous Americans, their resilience and their contributions to American society throughout history, even as they faced assimilation, discrimination and genocide spanning generations.

Aurora Theatre Company is located on the territory of Huichin, the ancestral and unceded land of the Chochenyo-speaking Lisjan Ohlone people.

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